Family – Raffles




Started in 1967, Raffles stands out as legendary in London’s nightlife hall of fame as one of the first nightclubs in the city. Launched in the swinging sixties, Raffles attracted the city’s glitterati and became the place for London’s movers and shakers. An era of music, Raffles captured the ethos perfectly and was the only location to disco until dawn, being the only club in London to have a license.

If the walls could talk Raffles would spill the secrets of the biggest celebrities from every decade since the 60s.The club witnessed The Rolling Stones, Vivienne Westwood, Princess Margaret and the best of British bohemianism all letting loose, revelling in Raffles’ irreverent and subversive take on a private member’s club.


The allure has never diminished and no matter the year Raffles has attracted a heady mix of London Society. The place where those from the worlds of music, fashion, film and art convene, drawn to an intoxicating atmosphere of decadence and indulgence.

A recent re-design speaks to the unique history of the club. British by nature, Raffles is the embodiment of English eclecticism and quirkiness. The eccentricity is distilled in a re-vamp that channels vintage glamour with unexpected touches. Imagine pink terrazzo with sumptuous, velvet curtains; printed wallpapers with parquet flooring and mid-century banquettes with art deco lighting. Snapshots of the club’s past decorate the walls giving you a glimpse into Raffle’s once upon a time.